Hello Lover!!

Do you like a more mature woman to play with on the phone? One with GREAT pictures that drive you to the brink of cumming? My name is Barbra Hart and I am a professional phone fantasy artist. If you scroll to the bottom of these pages, you will find a button that says MORE OF ME, click there and you will be sent to the next page of pictures. Please take time to read what I have written about myself and what I enjoyed on the phone. There is also a members area, just do a call with me and I will give you the password to even MORE pictures!!

The Biz

I accept all major credit cards and debit cards with the visa/MasterCard logo, right over the phone. The basic information I ask is only enough so I can verify you own the card you are giving me to charge. In case of a chargeback, I will kill you. LOL The rate is $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum. Billed as On-Line Communication All major Credit Cards accepted. I don't take checks, don't bill to your home phone and don't barter, discount or give freebies, so don't ask!


On-Line Billing Option